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Covid-19 Blog Series: Why?

Hello everyone,

We all know that India is under the effect of a deadly pandemic in its second wave. It is a time for clear thoughts, efficient processes, and empathy.

However, during an unprecedented pandemic, there has been a ton of misinformation, unscientific claims, and general confusion. Such lack of clarity can create panic, uncertainty, and may lead to mental health issues. We know that it has led to a record setting Covid-19 spread.

We have been contributing by helping in getting the word out, arranging for services that we can influence because of our privilege, and generally being high on empathy. We will try to contribute in one more small way – by writing blogs.

These blogs will have:

  • Information related to Covid-19: some scientific information on how viruses work, what’s different about this particular virus, etc.

  • Evidence for myth-busting: as mentioned earlier, there is a lot of misinformation out there, which needs to be addressed.

  • Experts writing about how the pandemic can influence mental health, and what steps we can take to alleviate the toll on our mental health.

These blogs are going to be aimed at school students, with each blog having different complexities. But the blogs can be read by anyone – we hope that these are helpful to all.

We hope these help in at least a miniscule way to tide through the situation that we find ourselves in.

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