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Creating Environments Best Suited For Learning

Children grow the most when they are given the freedom to learn and explore.


We create an environment for children filled with high learning opportunities.

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For Parents & Kids

We help your young minds learn through creation and conversations. 

Our fun minds-on and hands-on activity boxes help your child build essential skills while having fun.

For Educators

We assist educators by providing competency and professional development programs.

Our courses help teachers with implementable solutions of new tools, techniques in foundational literacy, inquiry classrooms, constructivism and more.

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Our fun boxes help your child build essential skills

As parents, we at times, do not know to answer every question or fulfill their curiosity whenever something new comes up.

You always want your child to build skills and acquire traits appropriate for their age, but, sometimes we just do not know where to start. 

Our research-backed and fun-filled activities do not just keep your child occupied, but help them satisfy their thirst for knowledge and grow at their pace.

It was wonderful to see her so engrossed in the activities and to spend some quality time which was also educational and fun.

- Roshni, Parent

"...learnt how to design scientific experiments and present data... ...learnt that we don't always have to KNOW the answer. The most important thing is not to stop questioning."

- Ananya, Student

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Bridging the gap between new techniques of pedagogy & classroom practices

A good educator allows a child to be in charge of their learning, while guiding the child through clear learning objectives and pushing the child’s understanding forward with well-timed prompts and essential questions. 

Our Teacher Professional Development Programmes are research-backed methods and help teachers by making educational research accessible and implementable in classrooms.

These sessions helped me choose suitable structure for planning lessons. I can clearly see which component of lesson plan deals with which memory register. This knowledge helps me in choosing suitable activities and content for my classes.

- Educator

I really liked the training. The readings and sessions were invigorating. More so, I liked the fact that there were hands-on strategies I could implement and experiment with.

- Educator

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We developed our core beliefs about education, how we think children learn best, and what roles we are best equipped to play in making education in India research-backed, creative, effective and impactful.


Our tools and techniques are built on a combined experience of more than 20 years in the public and private educational space. Things Education is a result of these experiences and beliefs.


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