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Give your child the opportunity to explore, communicate and grow through their experiences.

Give your child the freedom to learn and grow as they please through hands-on learning of various scientific and literacy skills.


These educational solutions have been built keeping in mind the academic and cognitive skills needed at various stages of the child’s development.


Phonics Starter Kit

This Phonics Starter Kit is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the world of phonics! Phonics is an important building block for early literacy skills, and with a systematic phonics approach being rare in Indian schools, this kit gives your child the head start they deserve. It contains a letter story book and two phonics readers, helping your child learn how to write letters and teaching letter sounds in a stepwise manner. Get your child on their way to becoming a confident reader!

sparkle to children's life

"Keeping the children busy along with thinking how to keep the education intact, this box has done wonders for us. Thank you for adding sparkle to children's life in this pandemic."

- Seema Kukreja, Parent

What's unboxED?

unboxED is a fun-filled, educationally robust set of activities that builds literacy and scientific (STEM) skills through conversations and creation.

unboxED helps children become:

Children build critical thinking and problem-solving skills while having fun!

Our activities are filled with hands-on and minds-on activities. Children have to use their mind and hands for creating new end-products every time.

What students do and learn_.gif

"He... ...enjoyed conversational cards for easy reference. Now he is looking for same cards for Textbook lessons/Other story reading text as well ! :)"

- Shaheen Khalpa, Educator & Parent


  1. A short-story book

  2. 5-7 activities based on the story book

  3. Activities that build reading, vocabulary and grammar skills

  4. Tons of fun!


  1. A science manual based on a scientific topic

  2. 5-7 activities, experiments & worksheets

  3. Activities that build observational, critical thinking and analytical skills

  4. Tons of fun!

Each of our boxes provides children a detailed manual along with worksheets that will help them learn during the process.

Coming soon for other ages!


If you have any queries, please read our list of FAQ here or call us on +91 9898469961.

For orders for a school or organisation, please send us an email at

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